About Kp Panchal

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About Kp Panchal

KP is a branding expert, an agency owner, trainer, News Media and a digital marketing consultant with several award-winning campaigns.

About The Author

Kp Panchal is an accomplished entrepreneur and one of leading experts in digital marketing and social media marketing. He is also a proficient consultant, trainer and author. Kp holds a Master’s degree in MBA. Beginning his career at 17 as an Facebook Ads Expert, he now boasts nearly a decade of industry experience.


KP Panchal is on a mission to reach out to rural India to teach Digital Marketing. To achieve this, he launched a free Hindi Digital Marketing course aimed at helping people understand the purpose and potential of using digital tools. KP Panchal has also authored several highly insightful books on Digital Marketing. His first book, “Social Media for Business,” is a well-written compilation of case studies on Indian brands. His next book, Future of Social Media & Metaverse” serves as a practical handbook filled with actionable tips. His latest book, “The Power of ChatGPT” is a comprehensive guide on How to use ChatGPT Smartly, 


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